If you need advice on or are seeking representation for a family law matter, our team can put you in contact with one of our contributing barristers.

Do You Need a Barrister?

Australian lawyers fall into two categories: Barristers and Solicitors. In general, a solicitor deals with the day-to-day management of your case; while a barrister is a specialist advocate who will represent you in court. A barrister may also be engaged to provide specialist legal advice, to represent you at alternative dispute resolution processes, and to assist in the preparation of your matter for hearing.

Ordinarily, a solicitor will engage a barrister on your behalf if they think it necessary; however, it can be advantageous to engage a barrister directly. A barrister can provide you with initial advice about the strengths and weaknesses of your case and help to clarify the real legal issues in dispute. Further, engaging a barrister directly can be more cost effective than engaging both a solicitor and barrister. If your barrister considers that your matter will also need a solicitor, they can assist you in finding an experienced family law solicitor.

Meet Our Contributing Barristers

Jared Bennett

Jared Bennett is a Sydney based barrister and legal academic, he was admitted as a solicitor in 2013 and was called to the bar in 2015.

Jared has substantial expertise in Family Law and accepts cases across all areas of family law, including parenting, property and care and protection proceedings.

Jared provides advice on a solicitor-client and direct access basis, and practices from his chambers at Third Floor Wentworth Chambers.

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Alexander Djurdjevic

Alexander Djurdjevic was called to the bar in 2016 and has since gained considerable experience in most State and Federal jurisdictions. 

Alex has a keen interest in Family Law and primarily undertakes property settlement disputes with some commercial complexity. 

Alex holds a masters degree in commercial litigation and his considerable commercial experience gives him a unique perspective in family law matters and enables him to create out of the box solutions.

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